Olivier Roubieu Street Art In Leake Street

Last Thursday whilst heading to Leake Street for a quick visit we were fortunate enough to stumble upon Street Artist Olivier Roubieu at work on his freshest work incorporating his new style. Olivier was at work on a portrait of actor Brad Pitt with the intention of adding a twist as Olivier’s realistic portraits take a new direction. This is defined by the quite literal splash of blue paint through the centre of the portrait, which at an initial glance gives the impression of the work having been defaced. However this was an intentional move, one which we could see was causing Olivier a moment of nerves as he had spent so long painting the portrait to such a fantastic standard and was setting to define the piece with one splash of paint that would make or break the days work. However the addition of the blue paint really provides an interesting dynamic to the work, adding a sense of chaos to an otherwise clean and delicate work.


Olivier Roubieu attracting attention from passers-by.


Olivier Roubieu at work.




Olivier Roubieu at work.


The superb finished piece.






2 comments on “Olivier Roubieu Street Art In Leake Street

  1. Amazing amount of work on a wall that has maybe the life of a butterfly if lucky.. I guess by the time you have read this it will have been painted over such is the conveyor belt of Leake street,, I really like the close up of the blue paint!!! …..

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