New Annatomix Street Art In Hackney Road

Well it was quite the start to the New Year for us here at London Calling Blog, capturing Dan Kitchener at work on New Years Day, and Artista & Annatomix working on the 2nd. Hitting up some of the first works of 2016 in London, Artista and Annatomix were out on Hackney Road to lay out individual works side by side, in the process really leaving their mark on these hoardings. We have already reported on Artista’s work in our post (covered here), and are now taking a look at Annatomix’s piece.

It’s always a pleasure to see new works from Annatomix when she visits London from Birmingham and this work certainly doesn’t disappoint. For this work Annatomix, who paints in a range of styles, however at the root of all her pieces is a real focus on geometry, perspective and dimension, opted to go with one of her delightful geometric animal characters, on this occasion with a galloping horse. Set to a minimalist colour palette comprising shades of grey, black and blue, the simple but effective background really enhances the sense of depth and movement in the piece and really adds a 3D dynamic to her horse character.


Annatomix at work.


Annatomix at work.


Artista & Annatomix at work.


Artista & Annatomix at work.


Annatomix at work.


Annatomix at work.


Annatomix at work.


Artista & Annatomix at work.


Annatomix at work.


Annatomix adding the finishing touches.


Night shot of the superb finished piece.


The superb finished piece.


A pair of fresh new works from Artista & Annatomix to kick-off the new year.


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