New Olivier Roubieu Street Art In Shoreditch

Whilst out last Sunday catching up on a few fresh works, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon Olivier Roubieu, who has been busy the last few weeks, at work on his latest work in Shoreditch. Battling the rain and early nights, Olivier set to paint what is now the second portrait in his newest approach, with the first venture into this style being the portrait of Brad Pitt put up in Leake Street a couple of weeks back now (covered here). On this occasion the subject was actress Margot Robbie who is superbly represented and then given the new treatment by Olivier, which is defined by the quite literal splash of paint, on this occasion a mixture of green and blue to compliment her eyes, through the centre of the portrait. At an initial glance this addition gives the impression of the work having been defaced, adding a sense of chaos to an otherwise clean and delicate work. We have enjoyed witnessing the creation and finished articles from both of Olivier’s new dynamic and look forward to seeing where he takes this in 2016. This work can be found in King John Court, Shoreditch.


Oliver Roubieu with the sketch down and just starting the painting process.


Olivier Roubieu at work.


Olivier Roubieu at work.


Olivier Roubieu at work.


Olivier Roubieu adding the finishing the piece in the dark.


The striking finished piece.





We are loving this chaotic addition to Olivier Roubieu’s latest portraits.

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