US Street Artist Anat Ronen Hits Shoreditch

Last Week over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday London was treated to a whistle-stop visit from Israeli born, but US based Street Artist Anat Ronen. Who in her wake hit up some six delightful acrylic and latex pieces all painted by brush. These works varying in size are in some cases quite subtle, blending into and alongside existing works.

Anat Ronen has been practicing Street Art since 2009 and has worked on projects and pieces all around the world, some even 90ft long, which is why its great to know that the works she creates may be large-scale murals or little characters and works as we have been treated to in Shoreditch. We love the painterly style in her works and how the placement of several of her pieces also really add to the quality of the work. 


Superb work of a Cockroach on the new hoardings along Great Eastern Street


Delightful work of a Black Cat walking along Willow Street.



Great work depicting Vincent Van Gogh in Blackall Street.


Work of a Cardinal & a Deer in Blackall Street.


Vibrant work of a Cardinal in Blackall Street.


Deer in Blackall Street.


Lovely Chameleon adorning the horadings in Blackall Street.


This piece alongside the Cockroach are our 2 favourite works from Anat Ronen’s delightful London excursions.

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