Airborne Mark At The Whitecross Street Party 2015

As is often the case when we get to see some live painting we like to take the opportunity to share some of the process involved in building up the work, so next up from The Whitecross Street Party we thought we would share with you here the work of Airborne Mark. Working on a 4×4 board for the day Airborne Mark decided to paint a mounted Origmai Deer head set to a cosmic and contrasting colourful background, in a style that is very much his own. We have been fortunate enough lately to catch Airborne Mark at work on a few occasions now and each time we are struck by how meticulous he is in his work, initially in laying out all the painstaking foundations and ensuring the proportions are completely accurate. Then in creating the often cosmic themed background scheme designed to really make his feature grey-scale image pop, and finally in the application of colour on the main work really focusing on the accurate depiction of lighting and shadows, this really is one punctilious artist whilst working, which really shows in the finished works he creates.




Dimensions down, background set, time to start filling in the finer details for the central figure.


Tape measure out in order to ensure the proportions are completely accurate.






Airborne Mark at work towards the end of the day.


Airborne Mark adding some of the final touches to his days work.


The striking finished work.


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