Himbad At The Whitecross Street Party

As is often the case when we get to see some live painting we like to take the opportunity to share some of the process involved in building up the work, so next up from The Whitecross Street Party we thought we would share with you here the work of Himbad. Working on a 4×4 board Himbad set to paint his trademark cat character, inspired by Aker the guardian and gatekeeper of the Underworld in Egyptian mythology, on this occasion set to a rather tranquil water themed setting punctuated with a burst of yellow light. It was a pleasure to see the way Himbad built up his serene work and then set to add those touches that are very fundamentally ‘Himbad’ applying the yellow highlights in a flurry of chaotic application to create that drip and splash style effect that is so prevalent in his work of late.


The initial drip fuelled water scene down for the background.


Himbad’s trademark cat character, inspired by Aker the guardian and gatekeeper of the Underworld





Applying the yellow paint from a bottle, one of many techniques Himbad employs to create his works.




If you look closely at the central yellow line running down the piece you can see the fresh paint running off of the board.



The delightful finished work, a real treat to see it constructed.

2 comments on “Himbad At The Whitecross Street Party

  1. Beautifully captured I was lurking around for much of that too but found it hard to get clear shots. Have some good snaps of the work and look forward to blogging soon.

    • It was a great day, and this was a highlight work to watch being made. Good to know you enjoyed the event and we loom forward to seeing you pictures and views on the event when you get them on.

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