New Fanakapan & Cranio Collaboration In Shoreditch

Over the course of the bank holiday weekend, English artist Fanakapan and visiting Brazilian artist Cranio laid out a stunning collaboration over two days in Sclater Street. This work is exceptional, one of the best collaborations we have seen in London, with two such disparate stylings so well mixed together. Featuring Cranio’s trademark and distinctive Amazonian Indians upto mischief and Fanakpan’s equally distinctive 3D helium balloon compositions. For this piece the duo have painted out a surreal battle scene punctuated by Cranio’s tribesman who are both riding Fanakapan’s balloon animal creations, with the twist of them comprising his 3D lettering. Upon hearing these two would be painting together, we were instantly intrigued, as towhat would be the outcome, with two such differing styles at play, and the duo certainly stepped up and left their mark in Shoreditch this weekend, be sure to head along and see it if you can on Sclater Street.


Work-in-progress towards the end of day one on the work.


The incredible finished collaboration.



Detail of the left hand side of the wall.


Detail of the right hand side of the wall.


Detail of Cranio’s first character for the piece, love the footwear.


Detail of Fanakapan’s horse like character, absolutely love the reflection of Cranio’s tribesman in the balloon.


Detail of Fanakapan’s superb Helium Fly creation.


Detail of Cranio’s second character for the piece.


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