New Dan Kitchener Works In London

Over the last few days Dan Kitchener was out In London to lay out two of his excellent ‘Liquid Lights’ pieces firstly in Islington, organized by The Real Art Of Street Art, and secondly in Shoreditch, the hub of London Street Art. His compositions create a beautiful focus on light, shadow and perspective to make the mundane and in some cases miserable scenes he regularly focuses on look beautiful, and yet again his work doesn’t disappoint. These mark the fourth & fifth works put up in London by Dan Kitchener in 2015, and we have been fortunate enough to witness the previous three of the year so far, all laid out in Croydon’s Arts Quarter.


Stunning work in Islington on Junction Road in association with the great organization and dedication of The Real Art Of Street Art. Unfortunately it was getting late in the evening when we had the chance to swing by so our photos don’t do the vibrant colour palette in this beautiful piece justice.


P1170146 P1170152



Work on Curtain Road, Shoreditch. This is the smallest work by Dank we have thus far seen, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. His ‘Liquid Lights’ works never cease to amaze and capture our attention upon viewing.



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