Paint Jam & Silent Auction In Hackney Wick To Raise Money For The Charity Parkinson’s UK

Yesterday in Hackney Wick at the Number 90 bar in Hackney Wick a day of live Street Art, music and a silent auction comprising works donated by generous London based street artists, all to raise money for the charity Parkinson’s UK took place. A great event was laid on with a superb collection of works donated by street artists for the cause, available to bid on via an online silent auction. In addition to this there was also a series of boards being painted live throughout the afternoon and evening. Event organizer Tom Paul Maya will also be running the marathon for his uncle who past away last year to Parkinson’s. In all it was an incredible event, comprising of a beautiful and friendly atmosphere in a lovely location along the canal. The were plenty of people in attendance throughout the event and as the minutes drew in to the end of the auction, one could sense the excitement and tension as an eager crowd attempted to win the work of their choice. Whether people were lucky or not to get the work they wanted, we think its fair to say that a great day was had by all their. A great day for a great cause. Here are but a few of the works on offer in the silent auction.


Work donated by Trust Icon.


Work donated by Captain Kris.


Work donated by Amara Por Dios.


Work donated by Donk.


Work donated by Ricky Dep.


Work donated by Otto Schade.


Work donated by Ben Naz.


Live painting from Giusi Tomasello.


Finished piece from Giusi Tomasello.


Stunning finished piece from Giusi Tomasello.


Live drawing from French artist Krap/Crap.


Finished piece from Krap/Crap.


Zincstyles enjoying his time at the event.


Nearly complete work by Zincstyles.


Skeleton Cadboards contribution to the event.


Contribution to the event from Ubanb.

We would like to firstly say well done and secondly thanks to event organizer Tom Paul Maya for taking the time to explain the event to us and for an all round great day. As well as a big thanks to Giusi Tomasello for letting us know the event was on and giving us the chance to see her work again.

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