A Day Of New Street Art In The East End

On Saturday we were lucky enough to stumble across four artists working around Brick Lane and Bethnal Green and met upon a fifth artist having completed her work on Hackney Wick. Needless to say we had a great time on Saturday, it was if we couldn’t move around the East End without seeing someone work their magic, and offers just a glimpse in to how much street art goes up around London’s mainstay area of the East End.


First up upon touring the Brick Lane area, we stumbled across Italian, but London based, artist 0707. 0707 has been very active in 2015 and has laid out many works in the Brick Lane/Shoreditch area of late. He was working away on Hanbury Street on a delightful stencil work, in a prime location.




The finished piece. A lovely work from 0707 and the current highlight of this wall of many works on Hanbury Street.


Heading down to Star Yard a few minutes away we met upon Horrow Crew, who set to lay out a stunning piece in the spirit of the Easter Weekend.



The finished piece. This piece is just incredible, Horror Crew’s translucent imagery is beautiful, a real treat to witness.P1160259

Heading down to Bethnal Green along Cambridge Heath Road, we stumbled across Zina working away yet again. She has certainly been proactive of late and we are not complaining, here working on a shutter organised by the Hidden Streets Of London.


The finished piece. Another beautiful work from Zina, as well as interesting to see a portrait created in profile perspective on this occasion.



Just around the corner was Vanesa Longchamp at work on Clare Street, again with a wall organized by the Hidden Streets Of London.


The finished piece. A superb addition to the blossoming Street Art being created in the Bethnal Green area through the organisation of the Hidden Streets Of London.


Having departed from the Brick Lane and Bethnal Green area, we headed over to Number 90 for a day of live Street Art and a silent auction of works for charity (covered here) and we lucky enough to have bumped into the delightful Elno who had just finished a piece along the canal and kindly pointed us in the right direction.




A great work along a stretch of canal full of artworks. We love Elno’s characters, of which upon seeing are just so instantaneously and fundamentally Elno. Good job.

Thanks to all the artists featured in this post for giving us here at London Calling some of your time and letting us capture your beautiful works. A really nice range of art produced this Saturday and a snapshot in to London’s vibrant Street Art scene. What a day.

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