Annatomix At Femme Fierce Reloaded

Last but certainly not least in our Femme Fierce Reloaded feature series we have Annatomix. an artist we were not really familiar with prior to the event, however she simply blew us away with her work at Femme Fierce. Annatomix who, on further research, has a very broad range of styles in her repertoire, went with a somewhat cubist 3D piece. After laying her out her initial outlines Annatomix used a process of painting over a straight edge to generate those crisp lines and shadows that really made this piece leap out of the wall, it was very interesting to see how this artist created the levels of depth with this technique. It was great to get to see her work build up over the day and to come away from a superb day having discovered such an impressive artist. Thanks for your time Annatomix! We will be posting on some of her pieces at her current exhibition at Monty’s Bar in Brick Lane on the blog very soon. Excellent and quite literal stand out piece from Femme Fierce Reloaded.











My favourite picture of the day. It appears as if Annatomix’s 3D creation is set to smite her as she signs her name, bringing the piece to life. A pleasure to witness this artists work for the first time


The finished piece.


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