Fio Silva In Monty’s Bar Brick Lane

Last Monday Fio Silva painted her fifth, and final London wall, in five days. We had been extremely privileged to get to spend some time with Fio, who was over as the winner if The Springs Project ‘Next Big Thing’ international street art talent competition, and witness her create three of the previous four walls, and were fortunate to catch the fourth piece just as it was finished. So it seemed like an eternity in order to get the chance to catch her final work which is nice and safe in Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane, a real gem for street art in London, with murals on the walls from an impressive range of artists. This piece from Fio, which is I have to say perhaps the highlight of her visit, is yet again stunning. We love how she has made the deer antlers into tree branches, in her trademark style of fusing animals with organic elements such as leaves, branches and trees, set to a colour palette, on this occasion, focusing on blue and orange offering a beautiful background to the main focus points. Yet another great work Fio Silva.





Thanks so much to the staff at Monty’s who were fantastic in letting me move some of the canvasses from the walls in order to capture this work. Monty’s Bar is well worth a visit for its superb art collection at any point, but this latest addition from Fio Silva is a truely special addition and marks if nothing else the newest reason to visit Monty’s Bar & Lounge.

2 comments on “Fio Silva In Monty’s Bar Brick Lane

  1. You are welcome. Thanks for the opportunity to see the result of the great work your project did and getting to meet and see the delightful Fio Silva at work. Will be promoting your new project soon.

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