Zina At Femme Fierce Reloaded

Next up in our Femme Fierce Reloaded feature series is Norwegian artist Zina. It’s been a really fortunate week here at London Calling, in that we had the chance to witness such an incredible artist work her magic three times. Firstly in the cold alleyway that is Blackall Street (covered here), secondly on Saturday hitting the Shoreditch Art Wall with Zabou, Lisart and Fio Silva (covered here), and finally at Femme Fierce Reloaded on Sunday. Throughout the week with each subsequent piece Zina has gone bigger and bolder and her Femme Fierce Reloaded Leake Street piece work was one of the two or three largest pieces of the event, with which the space wasn’t wasted. For Leake Street Zina chose an Egyptian Queen for her subject. The use of gold as the contrasting colour to her trademark blue themes, marked a change from the purple she had used in the two previous works she created in the last week, but really worked superbly against the blue hues and low lighting in the Leake Street Tunnel.


Having witnessed Zina paint her pieces this week, it is only true to say that she spends an incredible amount of time on her works, and seemed to be one of the first to start and last to finish working, you can see why. Her hyper-realistic blue scale portraits, predominantly focused on women and children, leave an impression upon you for viewing, they appear so soulful, and its no wonder she spends so long working away on her pieces, building the layers in order to bring her subject to life. Also while her work may not give the impression, she appears to have an immense amount of fun while painting, with the typical site of her painting being; headphones on, Ipad in hand to reference her work, spray can in the other, all the while dancing away. It’s been an incredible week, we are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to see this artist work and would like to say thanks so much to Zina, it’s absolutely been amazing. Without further ado her is Zina’s Femme Fierce Reloaded contribution, presented throughout the entire day and we are sure you can see why this piece was one of our favourites from the event here at London Calling.













The finished piece.



Thanks again Zina. A great work from a great event.

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