Fio Silva At Femme Fierce Reloaded

Seeing as we at LondonCalling enjoyed Femme Fierce Reloaded so much and were absolutely blown away watching the artists build up their pieces throughout the day, we are gonna share over the coming days some feature posts on the individual artists we enjoyed most. Providing a snapshot into the hard work that went in to these pieces. First is up Argentinian street artist Fio Silva, winner of the Spring Projects ‘Next Big Thing’ search for an international street artist to be flown to Europe and paint at Femme Fierce Reloaded. We are kicking off with Fio Silva, firstly because she was flown all the way over from Argentina for the event, and secondly because her work speaks for itself and she certainly left her mark on the days event, as well as short sharp stay in London as a whole.

Here at London Calling Blog we have been fortunate and privileged enough to catch Fio painting two of her three walls which she painted in the days preceding Femme Fierce Reloaded, as well as heading down to see the fourth wall immediately after she completed it. For her Femme Fierce work, Fio Silva went with a Rhino as her base animal of choice, depicted through her style of  createing a creature that is a combination of varying organic, fluid and natural components, set to a beautiful colour palette. Whilst painting she is completely absorbed in her work, rarely stopping, and if she does, it is only fleeting. An absolute pleasure to see her paint at the main event. Excellent work Fio.












The Finished Piece.



Thanks for the opportunity to watch you work and meet you Fio Silva, as well as the Spring Project team for doing such an incredible job in bringing this talented artist to London. We at London Calling wish her all the best in future endeavours and we sincerely hope it’s not to long before Fio returns to London. Thank you so much.

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