Femme Fierce Artists Paint Shoreditch Art Wall For Plan Uk’s ‘Because I Am A Girl’ Campaign

On this beautiful sunny Saturday in London, the area of Shoreditch was treated to an absolutely amazing day of painting by four artists for Femme Fierce in association with Plan UK’s Because I Am A Girl campaign on the iconic Shoreditch Art Wall, considerd by many to be one of the best walls in London to be asked to paint. The four artists in question, who very much differ in styles were Argentinian artist Fio Silva, the winner of the Spring Projects International competition to find a street art star of the future. Norwegian portrait artist Zina, French stencil artist Zabou and the London’s very own stencil artist Lisart. All four of the artists painted pieces relating to the idea of the charity it was supporting, which has a focus towards ending child marriage, depicting strong ties to ideas of individuality, freedom and aspiring to be anything you want. It was just a great day, the artists were in great spirits, there was a countless stream of people passing by to offer support and compliments on the works being created, along with several members of the Secret Society of Super Villains coming down from Bristol to help out where needed.


Shoreditch Art Wall early this morning.


Lisart laying out her first stencils.


Zabou’s first stencils.


Zabou at work.


Zina in the preliminary stages.


Stencil made by Zabou for all the girls to add to their final pieces.


Fio Silva painting fast on her contribution to the day.


Zina at work,


Lisarts first stencil layer to her fitting tribute to Rosa Parks.


Lisart’s Rosa Parks trubute.


Zabou touching up and filling her stencil work.


Zabou piece taking shape.


Shoreditch Art Wall mid-afternoon.


Zina working on the portrait. You can’t see it, but I assure you she was dancing away on that ladder whilst working, very happy with her time.


Fio Silva painting away.


Fio Silva nearing the end of her beautiful work.


Zina and Fio Silva at work.


Zina working on her scenic background.


Shoreditch Art Wall towards the end of a glorious Saturday in the East End.


Lisart with her finished work.


Lisart’s finished piece, which certainly embodied the spirit of the campaign, with a great message and a fitting tribute to some one who embodies Female Rights. Fantastic choice Lisart. Would you believe this is only her 4th public piece. Great job,


Zabou’s finished piece, which is her largest wall to date in London, posed a message of no matter how large the challenges ahead, you sometimes just have to “Dream Big”. Fantastic message and fantastic work Zabou. A Pleasure to witness.


Close up of Zabou’s finished piece.


Fio Silva’s stunning piece, entitled “Free Like A Bird”, was a message of living your life, aspire to be free, but you don’t have to leave your home behind. Excellent work and the third piece by Fio Silva in London in the last three days, each of which I have been privileged to witness and report on, it as been a real honour to meet Fio and see her work her magic. It truely is an incredible treat to have such a talent visit London.


Close up of Fio Silva’s finished piece.


Zina’s finished piece, absolutely outstanding work from Zina. Her trademark blue scale portraits, focused on ethnic women and children, were a superb choice to focus on the subject matter of the day. This was the second time in a week we at London Calling have got to witness Zina work and on both occasions it has been an absolute pleasure to witness. Thanks a lot Zina.


Close up of Zina’s finished piece.


Lisart, Zina & Zabou looking happy and proud, Incredible work ladies.

Be sure to head to Leake Street tomorrow, International Woman’s Day, to see all these artists and many many more work their magic for Femme Fierce Reloaded in aid of Plan UK’s Because I Am A Girl campaign. We at London Calling Blog will be there and reporting back soon after. Head along if you can or miss out on something special.

6 comments on “Femme Fierce Artists Paint Shoreditch Art Wall For Plan Uk’s ‘Because I Am A Girl’ Campaign

  1. What a great post to celebrate International Women’s Day. Just magnificent. I absolutely love how you captured the essence of these three beautiful and talented ladies. I love the messages conveyed by all and the fierceness in each piece. It’s certainly a privilege to have been a part of this on this very special day. Thanks for sharing! I certainly felt part of the experience.

  2. Thanks Maria727, was an absolutely incredible day and perfect precursor to main event the following day, it’s been an absolutely incredible weekend, still in awe, not to mention exhausted from the epic weekend. The artists each in their own style conveyed excellent messages relating to the theme of the project and yes it really was a privilege to witness the splendour and hard work.

  3. Thanks The Springs Project, what an incredible job you have done with the ‘Next Big Thing’ campaign. You and Fio should be exceptionally proud of the hard work and superb results of your efforts. Thanks for letting us share some of it.

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