Zina Paints In Shoreditch

Well it’s been an exhilarating weekend here at London Calling, with the Femme Fierce Takeover show in Croydon, being invited by Anthea Missy to watch her paint, bumping into Dan Kitchener and capturing his work, and finally being given the heads up by the delightful artist Zina to come and capture her work in Blackall Street yesterday afternoon. In all Zina, who is from Norway but resides in London, spent some four to five hours working on this delightful piece, laying out one of her trademark predominantly blue-scale portraits focused on her tendency to paint either women or children. She couldn’t of been kinder and really made for an excellent day. Despite the beautiful winter sunshine that hit London yesterday, Zina was painting in the dark and windy alleyway stretch that is Blackall Street. Despite being disappointed not to be in the lovely sunshine, she was in great spirits, focused with her music on and seemed to certainly be having a great time working away, at one with her piece. Thanks so much Zina it was a pleasure and an honour to get to see you build up your superb piece, I had a great time.










The finished piece. Absolutely beautiful, I love the detail on the right cheek.



Thanks so much again Zina, was such a cool way to get to spend the day in the East End. Also Zina has a solo exhibition opening at the Canvas Bar on Old Street running from April 2nd to April 30th. We will be reporting on it when it happens, but be sure to pencil it in and head along if you can, and in the mean time Zina will be busy at Femme Fierce Reloaded next weekend, of which we shall also be reporting on.

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