Aylo & Cbloxx At Femme Fierce Reloaded

Next up in our Femme Fierce Reloaded feature series is Aylo & Cbloxx of the Nomad Clan. We first heard of and witnessed Aylo & Cbloxx at Femme Fierce Croydon a few weeks back and were mightily impressed with their work. The pair visited London from Manchester and in the process painted three pieces in all, with the first in Croydon, the second in Camden and finally at Leake Street this weekend gone. All of them have been excellent works and all very different in structure and composition. The previous two works by the pair in London were impressive, but they really went all out with their Femme Fierce Reloaded piece. It was a large piece by the days standard, and featured so much depth and warmth, the characters just popped off the wall and it is more than fair to say that no one painted a piece similar in style to them on the day. The pair spent an incredible amount of time on this piece, with Cbloxx particularly absorbed in the process, but I think you can see why. A great piece from very talented artists, and we are sure you can see why this was a favourite of ours at London Calling from Femme Fierce Reloaded and we sincerely hope this duo travel south again soon.











The finished piece late in the evening, but well worth the effort. Great work Nomad Clan.






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