A Week Of New Street Art In Croydon

It’s nigh on impossible to believe that it’s been a week since Croydon’s Arts Quarter lost much of its beautiful artwork to vandalism, however since then some works were painted by artists who responded to the vandalism by coming down and offering their services to replace the damaged walls. The day following the attack some six pieces were put up immediately (covered here), and since then in the last six days since, a further seven pieces have gone up and two have been repaired by Femme Fierce artists who had their work damaged Totaling thirteen new pieces and two restored. So without further ado here are the works put up in the last week since Wednesday.


A superb & absorbing piece created last Tuesday and Wednesday by Polish artist Eska and locally based Morgazmik, who were back to replace a piece they had previously created and destroyed by vandals. In true style they have gone bigger, bolder and in my view, better. Great Work. 





Morgazmik & Eska standing by their huge and formidable piece. Superb collaboration guys, a real pleasure to view.


Great to see the first of two works repaired from Femme Fierce Croydon especailly as these were two of our stand out works from the event. On Thursday Giusi Tomasello repaired the damage by skillfully bringing the sweeping hair highlights further up the wall. Great work Giusi, superb to see Athena standing proud again. 


The second repaired piece, this time from Zina who accompanied Giusi Tomasello on Thursday and also did a tremendous job in getting her stunning work back in to the state it deserves to remain. A pleasure to see these two walls as the artists intended. Great spirit from both Giusi and Zina, what Femme Fierce stands for.




Ink Fetish was down on Friday to lay this work out.


SkyHigh spent two days over Thursday and Friday working on this incredible piece. A stunning combination of imagery and more traditional graffiti writing, his true passion. Great letters and a jaw dropping Great White Shark. 



Just wow.


Aero was back on Friday after coming down immediately after the recent vandalism to add his second piece currently in the Arts Quarter. While I liked his first work, this piece on Park Street is my favourite of the two, again superb letters accompanied by a fantastic animal image.



Anthea Missy was exceptionally kind enough in inviting me along Friday night to see her replace her work lost to vandalism. In true Femme Fierce fashion she came back with a work stronger than her previous piece.



Dan Kitchener at work on Saturday laying out his second work which is some three times the size of his previous superb piece just two wall spaces along.


Our current favourite in Croydon’s Arts Quarter.


Gnasher came down from Norwich today to replace his two shutters which were destroyed last weekend. He has maintained the nature motif he went with previously and created a stunning replacement. The Jellyfish are astonishing, and really tie in well with SkyHigh’s Shark and Aero’s Sea Turtle pieces in the area.


The left shutter.


The right shutter.

I assure you we will be keeping you updated on the incredible works happening in Croydon frequently. Stay tuned for more to come, hopefully soon.

You can see my posts on Anthea Missy working on Friday (covered here), and Dan Kitchener’s work on Saturday (covered here).

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