Vandals Destroy Works In Croydon, But Local Community & Artists Rally Around!

It’s with extreme disappointment that I find myself reporting on the terrible act of vandalism that befell Croydon’s Art Quarter around St Georges Walk on Sunday night, a mere week from the incredible Femme Fierce Croydon event that really was the starting point for a beautiful and inspiring project to come.

Local gardeners and contractors offered to come clean any structural damage to the area. The art community’s response to the situation was to come along set to replace the damaged works immediately, and that is what started happening today. Several artists arrived today to replace some of the damaged walls and in the process continued the process of Croydon offering fantastic and high quality art.


Eska at work yesterday on adding a replacement piece for his and Morgazmik’s work destroyed by vandals. I will be reporting back on this when its finished soon.


Bonsai’s piece next to Eska’s upcoming work.


Great piece from Aero.


Twesh’s contribution yesterday.


A superb 3D piece from Lovepusher, this is just amazing to view.


Great piece from Tizer, alot going on here, and very much love the Frog character.




A lovely piece from Mr Cenz put up yesterday, I can’t get enough of his work.


This delightful piece entitled ‘Medusa’ was painted by Francesco Jacobello over the weekend...

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