New Conor Harrington Street Art in Brick Lane

One of the stand out moments of the street art and graffiti scene in London during 2022 was when Brick Lane was treated to a pair of exceptional and now rare paintings by Conor Harrington. The Irish-born former graffiti artist did what he does best, namely creating hyper-realistic images in the classical painting tradition of ethereal fighting scenes, incorporating abstract and obscured elements to accompany his bold military subjects. Harrington often focuses in great detail on certain parts of the figure while obscuring others through his use of techniques including bold line work, shading and drip work creating layers of texture to accompany his rich painterly style. Both of the artworks shared below were certainly impressive with each piece so full of depth, life and character, really creating a moment in time. Truly absorbing artworks. We for one hope it’s not to long before this exceptionally talented artist shares his work on London’s streets.

These incredible pair of works were created primarily with rollers and emulsion paint, with a little bit of spray paint thrown into the mix. These striking works could be found in Buxton Street, Brick Lane but are unfortunately no longer there.









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