New Mr Cenz Street Art in Crystal Palace

So it’s certainly been some time since we added something new to the blog, but in spite of the restrictions 2020 has placed on our life, meaning we haven’t had the opportunity to travel about London keeping up with what’s been happening on the scene, we have still at least over the last several months kept on with organizing some 50 or so murals around South-East London. So over the coming weeks we will be having a catch up on the latest happenings for our community street art project SprayExhibition20 around Penge, Anerley and in this case Crystal Palace – as well as looking at a few spots we hit up Forest Hill and Charlton way.

So like so many things this year plans were cancelled and we spent a whole five months with no new artworks going up for our project, but when we did return over the summer to what we love doing so much, the first wall we put together was really worth the wait. Taking to what is now one of the project’s largest spots painted to date, international traveling and lifelong local talent Mr Cenz delivered a stunning portrait in his unique brand of ‘futuristic space funk’. This beautiful large-scale work really injected some life and character into this stretch of Anerley Hill, just over the border into Crystal Palace, undoubtedly transforming this little section of the hill for the better. It was definitely worth the long wait to see this beautiful addition to the project go up.

We would like to offer a massive thank you to Mr Cenz for adding this stunning addition to the area and to Street Art Atlas and Kevin for all the help in this going up. As well as big thank you to local councilors Angela and Patrick for all their hard work in helping to make this wall happen, and to Bromley Council for providing the access equipment. Lastly by no means least thank you to the wall owner for donating such a fabulous space to some artwork.

This stunning work can be found along Anerley Hill, and was put up with support from ourselves London Calling Blog for SprayExhibition20.


Mr Cenz at work.


The stunning finished piece.















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