New Shepard Fairey Street Art around the East End

A couple of months ago saw a visit from world famous Street Artist Shepard Fairey who whilst over managed to hit up a trio of fantastic works in conjunction with his Facing The Giant: Three Decades of Dissent exhibition marking the 30th Anniversary of his mammoth career. There is no denying that Shepard Fairey’s art has had a massive impact on popular culture over the last three decades through his fusion of bold images, iconic subjects and text, influencing youth culture, fashion and even helping to elect an American president. It is certainly an impressive reach the artist’s work has had and it was absolutely a pleasure to see a trio of fresh works adding to the two previously existing murals from the artist to be spied around London.


‘We Shape the Future Rose Shackle’ in Mare Street, Hackney, put up with support from Woodstreet Walls and in association with RED’s PAINT RED SAVE LIVES campaign in London to help end AIDS.



Work at the corner of Chance Street and Whitby Street in Shoreditch.









‘Shadowplay’ in Hanbury Street, Brick Lane.


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