New Matt Tieu & Ardif Street Art around London

Here we are taking a look at a couple of works from French artists Matt Tieu & Ardif who visited London last month and crafted a superb collaboration in Camden Town and a pair of solo works placed up together in Croydon. Presenting an interesting range of styles, with Matt Tieu creating his works entirely from chalk and Ardif presenting a series of intensely detailed paste-up works featuring animal subjects infused with building structures presenting a forced harmony between the natural and mechanical world. Certainly a pleasure to see work from these artists, offering something so fresh and unusual to London’s scene.


Superb fusion of styles in this collaborative work by Matt Tieu & Ardiff in Miller Street, Camden Town, placed up with support from Monoprixx Not Banksy Forum.


Detail of work by Ardif.


Detail of work by Matt Tieu.


Detail of work by Matt Tieu.


Detail of work by Ardif.


Detail of work by Ardif.


Detail of work by Ardif & Matt Tieu.


Detail of work by Matt Tieu.


Work by Matt Tieu in Katherine Street, Croydon.


Work by Ardif in Katherine Street, Croydon.

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