New Shok-1 Street Art ‘See Through You’ in Walthamstow

A few weeks back saw Street Artist Shok-1 return  to Walthamstow to repaint a spot he first painted in 2016 for the ‘Paint Your London’ Festival (covered here). In his works Shok-1 uses the many anatomical elements of the human body to transform and create his myriad hybrids creations that distinguish his glowing X-ray compositions. The magnificent translucent quality he creates is due to his meticulous technique with cans and caps. For this fantastic fresh work Shok-1 has created an X-Ray composition of a person’s face very much set watching the world pass by and most aptly titled ‘See Through You’. This excellent work can be found in Forest Road, Walthamstow, and was put up with support from Wood Street Walls.





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