New Dale Grimshaw Street Art in Walthamstow

A few weeks back saw Dale Grimshaw in Walthamstow to add a beautiful addition to E17 replacing a one of the first works by facilitated by Wood Street Walls in the area in 2015 located just across the road from the artist’s latest work.  The work featuring Dale Grimshaw’s signature subject style, maintaining a preference for strongly tribal portraits, on this occasion the fantastic piece is most noticeable for not featuring a Papua New Guinea tribesman as its subject but that of a Malawi native set amid and part of his national flag, all fused with that air-brushed effect that makes for such exquisite images, enthused with a sense of passion and depth that is just fundamentally Dale Grimshaw, always an absolute pleasure to witness. This excellent work can be found at the corner of Chingford Road and Forest Road, Walthamstow, and was put up with support from Wood Street Walls.






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