New Trust Icon Street Art ‘Apes Together Strong’ In West London

A few weeks back saw prolific Street Artist TRUST.iCON back out and about in West London hot off the heels of his extensive Street Artist exhibition around London to add his latest design to London’s Streets. In his work Trust Icon sets to capture a moment or a snapshot from his, and many peoples childhood, combined with his own style of poignant insight or humour often based on subjects from popular culture injected into each design, making his style his very own and his works what they are. The ever tongue-in-cheek Trust Icon has created on this occassion a particularly rebellious work based on a scene from the 2011 film Rise of the Planet of the Apes calling for unity and highlighting how and group of conscientious creatures are more powerful as a whole. This work was put up with support from Rocheart.Me.



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