New Rocket01 Street Art In Dalston

Recently we finally had the chance to catch up with this beautiful work placed up by Street Artist Rocket01 in Dalston whilst he was in London for his solo exhibition at the nearby BSMT Space Gallery. Unfortunately we didn”t get the chance to visit Rocket01’s exhibition but were certiainly delighted to still be afforded the chance to glimpse the mural he left London with. His works always have such a somber tone depicting scenes of surreal dreamlike future world of economic ruin that are so full of narrative that is truly captivating. In the recent work placed up in Dalston the scene features a bizarre combination of animals set together including a rabbit, a badger. birds and many fish all set in a race away from so unseen horror. This fantastic work was put up with support from BSMT Space which can be found at 5 Stoke Newington Road, just across from this fantastic wall shared below.












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