New Sr. X Street Art ‘Burn Them All, Bob’ In Soho For The ‘Soho Takeover’ Group Show

It’s always a pleasure to see Street Art in areas that don’t have much of it, and while Soho does have a fair bit of Street Art it doesn’t have many murals. So it was a pleasure to see this fantastic surreal creation from stencil and free-hand artist Sr. X entitled ‘Burn Them All, Bob’, truly an artist with a style of his own who through his work sets to subvert the norms and traditional ideals with those all so humorous and at times dark twists that are very much exemplify Sr. X’s sense of sharp wit and fun, criticizing the over-abundance of pop culture and values it sets to install on society from above. Maybe we shouldn’t listen to those voices in our head Bob?

This delightful work was put up ahead of the ‘Soho Takeover’ Street Art group exhibition curated by OnArtsCollective which opens this Thursday and sets to feature original artworks from each of the contributory artists, live screen-printing and a series of spray paintings installed around the exhibition space. Not one to be missed. This painting can be found in Poland Street and the ‘Soho Takeover’ exhibition can be found at 47 Poland Street in Soho and opens November 17th and runs until November 23rd.








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