New Himbad Street Art In Seven Sisters

Well it was only a couple of weeks ago we reported on the latest works from Himbad in Camden Town (covered here), so it is somewhat bittersweet that we have four new works from the artist all placed up in Seven Sisters. The reason they are sweet should be obvious, but the bitter dynamic is due to these spate of fresh works heralding Himbad’s farewell to London for the foreseeable future as he embarks on travels painting around the globe. So until we see the return of Himbad in London next year, these new works will have to keep us satisfied as we wish Bon Voyage to the one and only Himbad.








Collaboration with Seeds One – we don’t normally like to show works that have been tagged, but due to the nature of this location and that we know if anyone does it’s Seeds One who respects the nature of the beast, we just had to share this monster collaboration from the pair.





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