New Sam King Street Art ‘Dream-Space’ In Shoreditch

Last week saw Street Artist Sam King take to the Shoreditch Art Wall in Great Eastern Street to paint the composite four panels with a striking work entitled ‘Dream-Space’. Of this mural Sam King stated:

“The idea behind this mural was to place the human form within an isolated space, and through the falling act of the subject, allude to a dream-like state, in which reality is completely malleable to ones own wish. Minimalist geometric form wrap around the figure, hinting at the base geometrical shapes of creation, the circle and line.”

Unfortunately this work was short lived as the Shoreditch Art Wall makes way for the next advert on this space, but at least we got to see some nice Street Art for a few days last week.


Sam King at work on the Shoreditch Art Wall last Monday.


Sam King at work on the Shoreditch Art Wall.


The striking finished piece.





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