New Joachim Street Art In The East End

Over the last week London received a visit from a few visiting international Street Artists who were over for their part in the ‘Underground 2016’ pop-up exhibition in Hoxton put on by Graffiti Street (covered here), one of whom was Joachim over from Belgium. Taking the time to hit up a few pieces around the Shoreditch area and Trinity Buoy Wharf, it is the two delightful and contrasting works placed up in Hoxton and Brick Lane that we are taking a look at below. Creating a pair of his illustration works that are defined by the almost child-like imagination that run through these fun-fueled pieces.


Work in Cremer Street, Hoxton, put up with support from Graffiti Street.



Delightful work in Hanbury Street and offering something different in style and colour palette to any previous works we have seen from Joachim in London over the last two years.




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