New Jana & JS Street Art In Brick Lane

Thursday this week saw the opening of the ‘Inner World exhibition by artist duo Jana & JS at the Stolenspace Gallery – something we will be attending very soon, but in the mean time we have been absolutely delighted to site a trio of beautiful stencil works left around Brick Lane whilst they were briefly over. Jana & JS are an Austrian / French artist duo whose work is created from their joint passion for photography, focusing on urban life, portraiture and use of texture, creating images from stencils based exclusively on their own photography.

The new body of work for their exhibition is focused on relationships, nostalgia, and the importance of time passing, something which is reflected in these soulful stencil works around Brick Lane, with a set of works setting to portray their subjects set in a moment of intimacy defined through the body language conveyed. The ‘Inner World exhibition runs until July 31st at the Stolenspace Gallery, which can be found at 17 Osborn Street.


Work in Pedley Street.



Work in Fashion Street, sharing space with work from Seeds One. 



Work in Quaker Street alongside WRDSMTH.


Such beautiful and well placed work, our favourite work we have found so far.



One comment on “New Jana & JS Street Art In Brick Lane

  1. Hi

    Thanks for this update – I only found one of these on Friday, so will hunt the others down next week. Just one point though – the artists are from France and Austria (Stolen Space were also wrong with this on some of their publicity…).

    All the best, Paul


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