New Shok-1 Work In Brick Lane

On Wednesday this week Shok-1 was at work in Fournier Street, just off of Brick Lane on his latest creation, which replaces a work of his that had stood in the same spot for some time indeed. In his works Shok-1 uses the many anatomical elements of the human body to transform and create his myriad hybrids creations that distinguish his glowing X-ray compositions. The magnificent translucent quality is due to his meticulous technique with cans and caps, which he likes to keep a closely guarded secret, you can see why with the use he makes of this technique.

For this delightful piece entitled ‘X-Funk’, Shok-1 has hit out a jaw-dropping work that really makes you stop and stare as you walk by it. Depicting a hand in a symbolic gesture primarily synonymous with Rock concerts the piece offers a gesture of defiance and fun in its display. The colour scheme and translucent glow in this work creates an almost electric quality that really brings his creations to life, infusing them with energy. This is a superb work, one of the very best we have seen through a summer of incredible works about London and if you are in the area be sure to head along to check it out, you won’t be disappointed.







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