New Caratoes Street Art In East London

Over the last few weeks in London, we have been fortunate enough to receive a visit from Belgian born, but Hong Kong based, Street Artist Caratoes, who was in town to coincide with her contribution to the ‘XX: A Moment In Time’group show at the Saatchi Gallery (covered here). Whilst over Caratoes set to create a delightful pair of works in the East End, with her first piece in Shoreditch and the second in Haggerston. Spending several days on each piece, working with a combination of spray paint and brushwork, Caratoes certainly left her mark, with two incredible works that really grab your attention as you pass by.

Working in a mixture of styles including highly intricate detailed works, abstract pieces, as well as linear and geometric driven murals. Above this is how Caratoes’ creations are expressions of her views on the duality of freedom, as depicted through birds, and the conflicting constrictions, as portrayed through rings, that guide our sense of self and experience of life. In her two fresh London works Caratoes expresses this duality through a fusion of Realism and Abstract styles. The more realistic elements, such as the highly detailed faces, representing what we know and the tangible world around us. Adversely the abstract elements of the work represent sensations we don’t know but feel, the more primal dynamic of our nature.

Certainly a pair of impressive works placed up by Caratoes on her recent visit and definitely an artist we hope to see visit London again in the not to distant future. Her minimalist colour palette interwoven with the intricacy of her designs, makes  for a striking effect that leaves you absorbed in the many facets of her works.


Caratoes at work in Sclater Street.


Caratoes at work in Sclater Street.


Caratoes at work in Sclater Street.P1350264

The striking work in Sclater Street, Shoreditch.





Sclater Street looking good with work from Himbad. Mask/Size92 & Caratoes.


Caratoes at work in Haggerston.


The superb finished mural in Kingsland Road, Haggerston, put up with support from Olly Walker.










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