‘XX: A Moment In Time’ All Female Group Show At The Saatchi Gallery

Well it’s taken us a little while to make it down to the Saatchi Gallery to catch their latest Street Art exhibition, namely ‘XX: A Moment In Time’ an all female group show curated by Yasha Young and Olly Walker. The exhibit brings together female artists from all around the world, many of whom we were previously unaware of, presenting a diverse range of mediums throughout,  as well as marking the first time some of the participating artists have exhibited in the UK.

Certainly an interesting exhibition, the show is set to run in conjunction with Saatchi’s first all-female fronted show, ‘Champagne Life’, which opened the week prior to the launch of this Street Art themed exhibition. The focus of the exhibition is to draw attention to practicing female Street Artists whose contributions to the scene are largely marginalized, showcasing works from leading contemporary artists such as Faith47 and a number of established and upcoming practitioners. There is something for everyone on display in this broad range of works and for us here at London Calling Blog, with particular highlights being provided by the works of Alice Pasquini, Hueman, Caratoes, Zabou and Faith47.


The show runs until March 6th, so if you are London bound and haven’t already, be sure to head along to check out this impressive exhibition. If you aren’t London based we hope you enjoy the images below.


Aiko – ‘K For Kiss’ – Mixed Media On Canvas.


Zabou – ‘Bless’ – Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas Diptych.


Zabou – ‘(s)Pray’ – Spray Paint & Acrylic on Canvas.


Hueman – ‘Fantastic Voyeur’ – Spray Paint & Latex on Canvas.


Hueman – ‘She’s Gone Tomorrow’ – Spray Paint & Latex on Canvas.


Crajes – ‘Spleen 1’ – Oil on Canvas.


Crajes – ‘Are You Insane?’ – Oil on Canvas.


Caratoes – ‘Transformation’ – Chinese Ink, Acrylic & Spray Paint on Wood.


Caratoes – ‘Migration’ – Chinese Ink, Acrylic & Spray Paint on Wood.


Handiedan – ‘Signum Lingua’ – Mixed Media Collage, Pen & Matte Varnish on Wooden Panel.


Hera – ‘(Jasmin and) Hera’ – Acrylic, Spray Paint, Charcoal & Stitched Collage on Canvas.


Hera – ‘Good Artist + Better Artist (Diptych)’ – Acrylicpaint with Pencil on Paper & Cardboard Collaged to Two Canvasses.


Elle – ‘When The Shapes Fall Around’ – Acrylic, Spray Paint, Ink & Gold Leaf on Cotton Rag Paper.


Sandra Chevrier – ‘La Cage se Laissant Absorber Par Une Nuit Reconfortante’ – Acrylicon Hand Carved Wood Panel.


Miss Van – ‘Paloma Blanca’ – Acrylic on Canvas.


Miss Van – ‘the Wind In My Hair’ – Acrylic on Canvas.


Lora Zombie – ‘Fluffy White Bear’ – Acrylic on Paper.


Alice Pasquini – ‘Ho Sognato Di Cadere’ – Mixed Media on Linen.


Alice Pasquini – ‘Follow’ – Mixed Media on Enamel, Plexiglass & Wood.


Vexta – ‘Born Free’ – Mixed Media on Polyester Canvas.


Vexta – ‘You Are As I Am’ – Mixed Media on Polyester Canvas.


Olek – ‘Still Life With A Blue Plane’ – Crocheted Acrylic Yarn & Metal Ribbon.


Faith47 – ‘Palmam Qui Meruit Ferat’ – Graphite, Ink & Oil on two Canvasses.


Lovely work by Marina Zumi.


Detail of work by Marina Zumi.


Work by Elle.


Detail of work by Elle.


Work by Lora Zombie.


Detail of work by Lora Zombie.


‘In Art We Trust’ by Zabou. 


Detail of work by Zabou.

3 comments on “‘XX: A Moment In Time’ All Female Group Show At The Saatchi Gallery

  1. The Saatchi is one of my favourite galleries, partly because whenever I go there I find something to jerk me out of my complacency. I hope we can make it to this exhibition.

  2. I loved this exhibition, great review, but what really bugged me was the amazing art all crammed into a tiny room in the basement – there was more talent in that room than in the rest of the gallery! Loved seeing Lora Zombie’s work and the brilliant Zabou.

  3. Well worth a visit to see all the exhibitions not only in the basement. I really enjoyed most of the other artwork in the Saatchi Gallery… In one way it is a shame that the street artists are crammed in the small basement, but on the other side of the coin street art is often crammed together anyway.. Plus you get to see all the artwork with very little legwork!!! Better to see more than less!!!!

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