New Ben Eine Street Art “Like Nothing Else” In Shoreditch

Over the last few weeks British Born, but internationally acclaimed Street Artist Ben Eine has been back in town and thus far hit up three works in this time. The first of which is the one we are looking at below placed up in Ebor Street in Shoreditch a couple of weeks ago, and two more works placed up in Croydon.

Ben Eine’s work has been prominent around East London over the years and there are still many of his works, some older than others, to be seen around Shoreditch and Hackney. Since his days as a prolific Graffiti Writer on the underground scene, Eine has gone on to become one of the most successful commercial Street Artists around the globe, which in the process has led him to paint the world over, leaving his mark ranging from single distinctive stylized letters or his inspirational and dry witty comments.

For his latest work Ben Eine has written “Like Nothing Else”, replacing his previous long-existing piece “Protagonists”, completed in his distinct circus driven typographical style that is just instantly Ben Eine, this fresh reworking of the spot is certainly looking bright and alive. Additionally the piece almost heralds a sad premonition of how Shoreditch’s days as the hub of London Street Art are coming to an end with all the latest redevelopments in the area as the City of London expands East, with this work Ben Eine appears to be saying that we won’t get to enjoy this Street Art hub and that there will most likely never be anything like it again London way.






2 comments on “New Ben Eine Street Art “Like Nothing Else” In Shoreditch

  1. In Bristol, we are likely to see an increasing ‘gentrification’ of the Stokes Croft area, the hub of Bristol street art. I guess it is inevitable in a way. Street artists, though, if nothing else are inventive and creative. Other opportunities/places will arise. I hope though that it always maintains its edge and doesn’t become too corporatised and sanitised.

    • We couldn’t agree more Scooj, Street Artists are certainly inventive and creative and we are sure the scene will just move to new locations. We have in fact seen a proliferation of Street Art appearing in areas all around London that has until recently being devoid of such visual treats.

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