New Remi Rough Mural ‘The Fall Of The Rebel Angels’ In Dulwich

Earlier this week Remi Rough spent some three days painting his latest London work, a large-scale mural in Dulwich as part of the ongoing Dulwich Outdoor Gallery project. This is the first work from Remi Rough put up in London since we started the blog and certainly not one to disappoint. Starting his painting days on walls and trains in South London during the 1980s, Remi Rough has gone on to paint all around the world as he has continued to hone his own brand of Abstract Graffiti which is defined by his focus on shapes and the crashing of colours, setting to create a sense of great depth through his line work and geometric interplay.Which is exactly what he has done for his latest mural entitled ‘The Fall Of The Rebel Angels’ based on the painting of the same name by Sebastiano Ricci, which is part of the Dulwich Picture gallery collection and the basis of the project to produce works inspired by classical fine art. This is why his 3D setting is on this occasion accompanied by a  character  with a heavenly presence, presented in a fusion of classical and graffiti styles. This work can be found in Gilkes Crescent, Dulwich, and was put up with support from the Dulwich Picture Gallery.







3 comments on “New Remi Rough Mural ‘The Fall Of The Rebel Angels’ In Dulwich

    • Thanks Spike, This is indeed an interesting piece, it’s fun to see how each artist that adds to this outdoor gallery creates a scene in their own style based on works from the “masters”. Glad to help, and we hope you enjoy it in the flesh.

  1. I really think it is unfair for such a large scale piece of self-absorbed nonsense to be forced on the general public. I live nearby and I love the area and its character. We rightly castigate rap style graffiti artists when they force their New York inspired vandalism on us, but it is also not right that such a large mural should be introduced into the community without appropriate consultation. Surely no one with taste would sanction this unashamed eyesore.

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