New Mr Cenz Street Art Mural In Brixton

Well we are a week or so behind on this post, as we have had a hard time getting some images that we felt would do this stunning new large-scale mural by Street Artist Mr Cenz in Brixton justice, but we feel its better late than never, especially with a work as impressive as this one. Mr Cenz proved himself to be one of the most prolific Street Artists in London through 2015 and has certainly set to kick of his work for 2016 with style, when a couple of weeks ago Mr Cenz spent some five days braving the cold at work on this three-story high mural, all created using free-hand techniques and from aloft a cherry picker, and what a work he has left in his wake. The piece depicts one of his now trademark female portraits created in his distinctive sci-fi and cosmic-fueled styling, seemingly improving with each mural he creates, truly honing that translucent quality that defines his works. This stunning piece, and to date the largest work from Mr Cenz we have seen in London, can be found in the Brixton Food Village in Coldharbour Lane.














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