New NILS Street Art In Brick Lane

Yesterday whilst out on our wanderings around Brick Lane we were fortunate enough to pass by American Street Artist NILS at work in Pedley Street on the Kinkao restaurant wall, utilizing his quick visit through London and leaving this surreal grey-scale portrait. NILS works in a variety of mediums, including painting and film, and works with a variety of techniques, such as stencil and freehand works, with a predilection to portraiture. For his latest visit it was with a freehand portrait as his subject, with his striking depiction of a woman covering her eyes, yet they merge into the covering hand as a morphed whole, suggesting that sometimes you can’t hide from the things you see in front of you, no turning a blind eye in this work.


NILS at work in Pedley Street.


The finished piece.






2 comments on “New NILS Street Art In Brick Lane

  1. Agreed Tanya, great work, but shame to see space not used, as work won’t last and the previous piece was so good. We have heard Hunto is coming along soon to fill in other side, should make for an interesting pairing.

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