New Zabou Street Art Around East London

Since we provided our last update on recent works from one of London’s most prolific Street Artists four weeks ago, we have a further three works to share with you placed up in the last month. Certainly an artist on a mission to paint the whole of East London and one with a seemingly endless supply of fresh designs to work with, Zabou is very much one of London’s most proactive artists and what we have here are her last two works of 2015 and her first work of the new year. As we have said almost far to many times now, it’s never to long before Zabou is out working on some new stencil-based design, it’s also always a pleasure to hunt down fresh works from this artist and next time we have some to find we will be sharing here, in the mean time enjoy what Zabou has been upto the last few weeks around the East End.


‘Paint War (Revised)’ in Hackney Road.


Here we have a fresh take on the previous work from Zabou on this spot, continuing the ‘War Paint’ theme with an almost more primal focus, a great piece and our favourite of her most recent works. 


‘Roses Have Thorns’ in Columbia Road.


This work also presented of case of Zabou reworking a pre-existing piece of hers on the same spot. However on this occasion it was due to building developers placing an advert right through her work. This striking piece is a tribute to the long standing and threatened Columbia Road Flower Market.


‘BANG BANG’ in Bethnal Green.


Yet again Zabou is reworking a spot that last had work from her on it, on this occasion a collaboration with Senor X which was buffed out by the council some time back, but in the process leaving a blank spot for Zabou to add something new. Working with a recurring theme in her works, that of an urban villain up to no good, a piecewhich is very much pure Zabou for want of a better term.



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