New Stinkfish Street Art In London

Over the last couple of weeks in London Colombian Street Artist Stinkfish was over for his upcoming exhibition at the Pure Evil Gallery and hit up two of his delightful portrait based works in the East End, with a collaboration with Mexican Street Artists Mazatl in Bethnal Green, and a solo work in Leonard Street opposite the Pure Evil Gallery.

The people in Stinkfish’s portraits come from all over the world and become the manifestation of Stinkfish’s own travels, depicting images of ordinary people going about their daily lives. Featuring people he rarely knows and never staged, the people in the photographs Stinkfish captures become the basis for his distinct stencil-based portraits set alongside vibrant abstract cosmic fueled patterns in his trademark colour palette that makes his works very much his own.


Work-in-progress by Stinkfish & Mazatl in Bethnal Green.

Mazatl at work on his contribution to this collaboration with one of his grey-scale deconstructed animal creations. This image was very kindly provided by M_Frenchi (@M_FRENCHI on Instagram,) of which we would like to say Thank You. 


The superb finished collaboration between Stinkfish and Mazatl completed last Sunday. This work marks the largest Stinkfish piece we here at London Calling Blog have yet to see in London and was put up with support from The Hidden Streets Of London.


This work is not the first time these two have collaborated on a mural together, however it is the first Stinkfish collaborative work we have seen in the flesh. The piece fuses the two artists individual styles very well, with Mazatl’s deconstructed animal creation, in this case in the form of a snake, surrounding Stinkfish’s portrait. Mazatl’s creatures are often depicted in several detached sections and in this case they are superbly fused together by Stinkfish’s bursts of energetic colour. In this case creating a sense of the energy which ties nature and humanity together, that which fuses our very existence and experiences.










This vibrant and cosmic fueled work, which is brimming with energy can be found opposite the Pure Evil Gallery in Leonard Street, Shoreditch, and was put up last Thursday to mark the opening of his current exhibition ‘Crossroads’ at the Pure Evil Gallery (which we will be reporting on in the coming days).



One of many paste-ups from Stinkfish placed up around the East End, in this case in Brick Lane.


You can also view our post on works from Stinkfish placed up earlier this year back in May (covered here).

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