New Mazatl Street Art In The East End

Over the last couple of weeks, amid the wave of talented Mexican Street Artists that have hit London, we have seen a couple of superb collaborations and several solo paste-up works from Mexican Street Artist Mazatl. Mazatl lives in Mexico City where he is a member of several collectives focused on seeking social and environmental justice. To this end his art is inspired by the work individuals and collectives do in order to shake off the noose around our necks.


This work in New North Place, Shoreditch is a collaboration between Mazatl and fellow Mexican artist Fusca, with Mazatl creating the grey-scale boar creature and Fusca creating the primitive female character it is entwined with.






The superb finished collaboration between Stinkfish and Mazatl completed last Sunday, and was put up with support from The Hidden Streets Of London.


This work is not the first time these two have collaborated on a mural together, however it is the first Stinkfish collaborative work we have seen in the flesh. The piece fuses the two artists individual styles very well, with Mazatl’s deconstructed animal creation, in this case in the form of a snake, surrounding Stinkfish’s portrait. Mazatl’s creatures are often depicted in several detached sections and in this case they are superbly fused together by Stinkfish’s bursts of energetic colour. In this case creating a sense of the energy which ties nature and humanity together, that which fuses our very existence and experiences.




Paste-up work made from wood-print techniques depicting a motherly looking deer, incubating her young which inhabit a surreal scene of wilderness, dominated by a sense of warmth.



Paste-up work made from wood-print techniques depicting a wolf that is being reduced to a skeleton from the rear end, as it falls apart whilst trying to run away and escape its fate.



 A superb black and white collaboration between Acaro & Mazatl in Hackney Road, with support from Art Under The Hood.




Detail of work by Mazatl.


Detail of work by Acaro.

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