Colombian Street Artist Stinkfish Hits London

After a couple of weeks in London dominated by South American Street Art, with visits from Cranio, Bailon & Sliks, which we will be reporting on very soon, today London was treated to the arrival of Columbian artist Stinkfish, who is over for a week and today hit up two delightful works in Shoreditch. Both pieces feature his distinct stencil-based portraits set alongside vibrant abstract patterns in his trademark colour palette. What a start to his visit, we look forward to seeing what else follows from Stinkfish.


Stinkfish at work on his first work of the day on Great Eastern Street.


Beautiful and striking finished work from Stinkfish.


This work is stunning, really grabs you as you stand before it. The colours are so bright and striking.




Stinkfish at work on his second work of the day on Sclater Street.


Stinkfish at work.



A second and equally beautiful finished work from Stinkfish.



One comment on “Colombian Street Artist Stinkfish Hits London

  1. Hi,
    Great blog. Just one thing though, Stinkfish comes from Colombia and not (British) Columbia. Therefore he is Colombian and not Columbian!
    Keep up all the good work

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