New ATM Street Art In Brent Lodge Park

At the weekend we here at London Calling Blog had the extreme good fortune to meet up with environmental driven Street Artist ATM who was kind enough to show us his paintings around West London and give us some insight into his works. First stop and the focus of this post took us way out into West London to Brent Lodge Park in Hanwell, in order to capture the two works he has put up in the Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre, the first of which was placed up a few months back, the Pintail Duck piece, and the more recent addition of his Hawfinch, placed up a couple of weeks back.

This pair of lovely works make superb additions to the peaceful and serene tone of their setting and also mark an interesting departure from his usual settings of overwhelmingly urban focus. Both works are very much realistic and in true ATM style, larger than life and constructed in a beautiful painterly style. Created entirely by brush work, you really can see the textured effect and harmonious blending of colours that bring his subjects to life. ATM doesn’t often paint his birds in more action driven stances, such as in flight, but instead tends to paint his subjects in a manner depicting them simply standing in front of you, showing a more sedate and natural depiction of creatures that should fit comfortably into the immediate environment.


Work of a Hawfinch, placed up a couple of weeks back now. We love the simple plain and often bright backgrounds ATM places his subjects upon, the flat nature of the background really helps to bring the birds to life and offer a sense of contrast in texture and tone. In this piece we particularly appreciate the metallic petrol blue effect painted on to the wing.







Work of a Pintail Duck, placed up a few months back now, and we are glad we finally have been able to pop by to witness it in person. This work is one of the largest figures created by ATM that we have seen and the setting is just great, with the grassy foreground really creating a sense that the Duck is merely out walking around in a park.





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