New Street Art In Brixton For Pop Brixton

Over the course of the weekend the newly established Boxpark in Brixton ‘Pop Brixton’ received quite the makeover courtesy of Street Art. Over Saturday and Sunday some seven artists set to paint their large scale works, of which these photos don’t do justice to their size. This newly established structure isn’t permanent and will make way for permanent redevelopments in accordance with plans to work on the adjacent Brixton Arches, however as this will be in a couple of years time, this makes for the newest spot where Street Artists will be able to add their special touch to an area that has recently, though not for the best of reasons become one of the top spots to see high quality Street Art in London.


Work from THE5683 (top left), Giusi Tomasello (Top Right), Azarro Amoy (bottom left) & Elno (bottom right).


Colourful work from Decolife.


Delightful work from Elno, taking on a tribal like theme.


Striking work from Giusi Tomasello.



Work from THE5683.


Colourful and vibrant work from Azarro Amoy.


Lengthy work with some great animal depictions from Frankie Strand and Jane Mutiny.


Lovely work from Frankie Strand with her sleeping lizards.


Lovely collection of endangered animals in Jane Mutiny’s colourful work for this container.


Depiction of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna by Jane Mutiny


Depiction of a Lears Macaw by Jane Mutiny.


Depiction of an Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher by Jane Mutiny.


Depiction of an African Wild Dog by Jane Mutiny


There are also some extra works in side the Brixton BoxPark, but most are now coverd by business signs or plant pots, however this sin’t the case with this work from Frankie Strand, or the one below also.


Chameleon from Frankie Strand.

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