Paint Jam To Save Brixton Arches

Last Sunday in the glorious Spring sunshine the latest installments of Street Art for the #SaveBrixtonArches campaign were put up during a paint jam with 7 artists out painting a further six of the 40 or so shutters to be completed. Bringing the current total of shutters painted to ten and its only fair to say that in terms of Street Art, Atlantic Road and Brixton Station Road, spanning the Brixton Arches are rapidly becoming an incredible outdoor gallery dedicated to one worthy cause. The crux of the situation is that Network Rail intend to evict the current tenants of the shops along the railway arches spanning Station Road and Atlantic Road, in the name of redevelopments and make the new rates of rent so high, that it will be impossible for this community of non-chain store outlets to survive and continue from these spots in the future.


So it was with this in mind that the project after initiation from the local tenants was set up by the fine organisation of artist and contributor PINS, who has set forth to organise a group of notable and talented artists to take a shutter each, and allow them creative licence to work their magic, starting with for the moment, London based artists. Feeling that this was a local problem PINS has set to kick off the project thus far with some of the best on London’s scene, incorporating many differing styles in the process.


Over the course of eight or so hours the artists set to lay out a variety of stunning contributions to what is rapidly becoming an incredible outdoor gallery dedicated to one worthy cause. The Brixton Arches recent street art additions are certainly creating a new must see place for Street Art, which is what the campaign is about, to draw attention to the area and the problem. Very well executed by the locals, PINS and all the other artists involved thus far. So far over 21,000 people have signed the petition to prevent the evictions, and it certainly seems this number is set to rise. Alongside this there are a good two dozen or so shutters still to be painted over the coming Sundays, so be sure to head along and to check back here, as we will be reporting on the street art campaigns progress, #savebrixtonarches . For now enjoy some of the highlights from last weekends paint jam, which we are sorry it took so long ot share with you.


Lilly Lou’s work in the preliminary stages.


SkyHigh & Roo’s work in the early stages.


PINS kicking off his work, while sporting his rather stylish self-designed trainers.


Mr Shiz’s initial outlines.


SkyHigh & Roo at work as the Sun moved closer.


Jim Vision at work on his Hell-like depiction of the Brixton’s Arches future.


Lilly Lou with her meticulous work.


Mr Shiz adding his tongue-in-cheek commentary to his apt work.


PINS finishing up his delightful pattern, surrounding the focus point, in his trademark colour palette.

The Finished Works.


Great contribution from Lilly Lou with her beautiful trademark typography. Says it all.


Very fun and well thought out work from SkyHigh & Roo. Great subject matter that will no doubt bring a smile to many peoples faces upon viewing.  



Excellent piece from Jim Vision entitled ‘Souls 4 Gold’, depicting the Rail Developers as the demonic skeleton ripping the heart out of Brixton in this vision of Hell. Superb contribution, with a very apt message extremely well portrayed in a style that is very much his own.


Superb and appropriate work from Mr Shiz.


You can see more of Mr Shiz’s contribution to the day in full detail (covered here).


Image by Street Art Atlas of PINS beautiful and warm piece. Great message hitting at the heart, no pun intended, of the campaign, with his shutter almost shouting to be heard. 

Despite returning to capture two of the three remaining finished pieces to present this post, we were unable to capture PINS finished piece, but this was kindly provided by Street Art Atlas – On Instagram as @streetartatlas & be sure to check out their Facebook page also. Thanks a lot Street Art Atlas for the great picture of PINS delightful work.

You can check out our posts on the first two weekends of artwork starting with Zina’s initial contribution (covered here), and the works from Mr Cenz, Aero & Vanessa Longchamp from the the second Sunday of Street Art (covered here).

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