The En Masse Project Paint The Village Underground

Over the best part of six days last week and finishing up on Sunday, primarily Canadian based artists The En Masse Project painted the iconic Village Undeground wall in Shoreditch. The very name of the project ‘En Masse’ translates from French to mean ‘as a whole’, which sums up the very ethos of the group.  En Masse are a Montreal based, multi-artist collaborative drawing project, which draws its life from the many creative individuals who take part in the project to create large-scale, highly spontaneous drawings in black and white. The En Masse Project doesn’t consider itself to be a collective, as anyone can come paint with the En Masse, in the process becoming apart of En Masse, with the primary objective being to explore the creation of a collective vision, works created together that are greater than any one person could create alone. Well you can’t argue with this when you see the absolutely stunning work En Masse, on this occasion comprising the work of Le Bonar, Jason Botkin, Mr Gauky & Jeremy Shantz, and what they have left behind from their visit to London is remarkable. There is so much going on in this piece, it is a real delight to stumble across this black and white, surreal and tribal styled work. A superb addition to a wall, one of the East End’s largest, that rarely sees anything but the highest calibre of artists.


In the early stages last Monday.





Nearing the end of an epic weeks work on Saturday.



The magnificent finished piece.











Jason Botkin decided to redecorate oneof the iconic train carriages aloft the Village Underground wall in some lovely contrasting colour tones.

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