Mr Shiz Street Art For The Save Brixton Arches Campaign

Yesterday in Brixton the latest installments of Street Art for the Save Brixton Arches campaign were put up during a paint jam in the glorious sunshine with seven artists out painting a further six out of forty or so shutters to be completed. Bringing the current total of shutters painted to ten and its only fair to say that in terms of Street Art, Atlantic Road and Brixton Station Road spanning the Brixton Arches are rapidly becoming an incredible outdoor gallery dedicated to one worthy cause, and down to the fine organization of artist and contributor PINS. We will be reporting back on and sharing the complete set of finished works from yesterdays paint jam over the coming days, as soon as we can head back and snap the remaining few pieces not completed when we had to leave after seven hours of incredible fun yesterday. In the mean time enjoy an in focus view of how Mr Shiz built up his great contribution to the project.


The Sketch that was forming the basis of Mr Shiz’s work.








The finished and stylish piece, with superb focus on the theme of the project. We really love the signs adorning the shutters sealed off in Mr Shiz’s vision of the Brixton Arches sad future.


Well said Mr Shiz.

3 comments on “Mr Shiz Street Art For The Save Brixton Arches Campaign

  1. Do you know When would be a good time to view all the art on the shutters. Being a market it is presumably open 7 days a week so the paintings are not on view during the day.

  2. Head along first thing in the morning, or head over after 7 in the evening now it’s staying light later. Or better yet head along this Sunday to catch the next installment of shutters being painted and catch the majority of shutters painted thu far. I assure you Sunday will be another great day out.

    • Thanks for the information. Sadly cannot do Sunday as I am taking my son back to his special needs college in Coventry. Will have to try after 7 pm next week. Keep up the blogs. Really enjoy reading them.

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