New Street Art In Brixton For The ‘Save Brixton Arches’ Campaign

On Sunday in Brixton the second installment in the current plan to decorate the shutters of the businesses lining the Brixton Arches took place, with contributions from Aero, Mr Cenz and Vanesa Longchamp.

Network Rail intend to evict the current tenants of the shops along the railway arches spanning Station Road and Atlantic Road, in the name of redevelopments and make the new rates of rent so high, that it will be impossible for this community of non-chain store outlets to survive and continue from these spots in the future. In response the effected business owners and residents in question have decided to adopt a creative outlet by acquiring the help of talented street artists to paint the shutters belonging to all of the threatened businesses, all set to be linked by the #savebrixtonarches tag, to display a stance of unity from the affected community. For more information on this project and the reason behind it, check out our post on the first piece of artwork laid out two weekends back by Zina (covered here).


Great piece of ‘Animal-Graff’ from Aero, put up on Sunday.P1160694


Stunning work from Mr Cenz laid out on Sunday.




Mr Cenz standing with his finished work.


Vanesa on Sunday.


Vanesa on Sunday, incorporating the campaigns logo of the broken heart into her piece.


Lovely finished work from Vanesa Longchamp.


Work from Nathen Bowen. Laid out sometime since Sunday.


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