New Zabou Piece In Bethnal Green

London based French artist Zabou has certainly been active in London thus far this year. Firstly with her contribution to the Fem Graff show that was recently held at the Lollipop Gallery (covered here), her recent addition to Brick Lane (covered here), and now over the last two weeks she has laid out a further two more pieces in London’s East End that I have been fortunate enough to catch, including this great piece that she was out painting yesterday on Cambridge Heath Road in Bethnal Green. I was lucky enough to pass by Zabou working on her piece, it was cool to see the stencil process of her work being undertook, and then came back a little later on in the day to capture the finished piece. What a great piece it is, I love how the pair of mischievous characters appear to be creeping along the wall, this is a very fine example of art being created to fit in with its surroundings and is fittingly entitled “On The Run”.


Zabou working on the initial stencil details.


The finished piece.




I would also like to use this opportunity to report on the piece of work by Zabou I caught last weekend, but didn’t get the chance to report on. This work was painted on Old Street towards the Shoreditch High Street end of the street a week and a half or so back.


Zabou’s piece on Old Street created the previous week, sadly she informed me that this work only lasted a couple of days. So whilst you can’t go see it, you can at least view it here.




Zabou will be appearing at Femme Fierce Reloaded next weekend at Leake Street, just one more reason to attend what is set to be an amazing event.

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